Fishbowl Labs

Why should I join Fishbowl Labs?

You want to be surrounded by other great entrepreneurs, engineers and product managers who are also starting companies and facing similar challenges.

You want direct access to some of AOL's greatest people that work on designing, engineering and distributing AOL's content and products to over 250,000,000 people. (They're pretty fun too - check out this AOL Culture video)

What is it like to work out of Fishbowl Labs?

Our space is an open floor plan with no private offices, which keeps it flexible and fun. There are plenty of shared phone booths and conference rooms available for all to use, as well as other common areas with 360 views of Northern Virginia and inspiring design. The AOL building also provides a bunch of convenient amenities including a gym (with showers), coffee shop, cafeteria, and conference rooms. 

How much does it cost to join Fishbowl Labs?

We won't ask you for any cash. Or equity. As long as you're using our resources to help grow your company, we're happy. 

What does Fishbowl Labs expect?

  • Work on campus at least 4 days a week
  • Respect AOL facilities, security, and confidentiality
  • Be a strong culture fit for AOL and the other companies at Fishbowl. 
  • Have raised at least $250,000 of outside funding. 

What resources does Fishbowl Labs provide?

  • Mentorship and access to functional expertise from our community of talented entrepreneurs and AOLers.
  • Desks, conference rooms and wireless connectivity.
  • Access to AOL campus amenities including gym, cafeteria, meeting rooms, and QA lab.

How can my company apply to Fishbowl Labs?

Apply here, we'll call you if it makes sense. Bonus points if you get a *strong* referral from a current Fishbowl Labs team. 

How long can I stay at Fishbowl Labs?

Teams should expect to stay at Fishbowl Labs for six months. If you need more than six desks, we're probably not the best place for you. 

How Do I become a Mentor at Fishbowl Labs?

We're curating the best, high-growth companies in Northern Virginia. We need you to be the API to venture capital and functional expertise that these teams need. So, here's what we expect from you:

  • Have a full-time job that involves some aspect of data, design, or distribution. 
  • Be available for five hours of mentorship each month. (These can be in-person at Fishbowl or online via phone/Skype/Hangouts)
  • Provide the Fishbowl Labs Team with crisp feedback on the teams you meet with each month. 

How is Fishbowl Labs affiliated with AOL?

Fishbowl Labs is owned and operated by AOL.

Does AOL make investments in return for equity in Fishbowl Labs companies?

AOL does not currently make investments in Fishbowl Labs companies, but it's possible that AOL Ventures could independently invest in a Fishbowl Labs company.

I still have questions about Fishbowl Labs...

Fishbowl Labs was co-founded and is managed by Fletcher Jones, Bud Rosenthal, and Brian McMahon.  You can reach all three of us, by emailing

Where we are

AOL, Inc.
22000 AOL Way
Dulles, VA 20166